Top 10 Photography Apps For Android

The camera in Android device varies from model to model of the phone and even the version of the Android may be different. But there are dozens of apps that helps to make the most of the camera available on any Android phone, whether it’s good or bad. Hence here are top 10 Photography apps on Android:

  1. Camera ZOOM FX:

It is one of the favorite camera apps for just $3. It has various features that help you to capture beautiful scenes and pictures, such as a voice activated shooting mode, stable shot mode which helps to snap the photo only when the camera is steady enough to capture clear photograph, tap mode to focus and snap photo, and others. It also enables you to add some filters, frames, color effects and borders.

  1. Camera FV-5:

Camera FV-5 can be the option after ZOOM FX and it is for $4. It has features like control over specific photo features, camera control that has access to aperture stops, exposure time, metering and many more. It has similar features as ZOOM FX but added up some features to app like supports long exposures and time lapses.


  1. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is free to use and it is easy to use this app. This helps you to capture your image, tweak and tune those pictures as you like, and also it can be shared with the world. User can discover their best original photographs from other user of VSCO through the grid feature of the apps. It has access to filters and you have also option to buy other more via in-app purchases.

  1. Google Camera:

Google camera app is pre-loaded on Nexus phones. It got an attractive Panorama shooting mode used to stitch together a nonstop stream of the pictures into one extra extensive panoramic shot. It also contain Lens Blur mode which helps to defocus the background of the shot.

  1. Google Photos:

Google + is more than social networking, it has very useful features that helps to get most out of the photos your phone. It has the features such as backup of your photos and videos on Google’s cloud. One of the best features of the app is Auto Awesome, which can be seen in Google+ on the web.

  1. Instagram:

Instagram is one of the original filtered photo-sharing apps, which improves the way your photo looks like with just a slap filter on the top. As it is gaining popularity is adding up new filters. Some features of the apps are tweaking photo color temperature, shadow brightness, tilt-shift effects, adjust highlight, and a vignette sharpen.

  1. Camera 2:

Camera 2 is one of the best dedicated camera apps available on Google Play. It gives a live preview of the filters and effects of the photos before taking a snap. Some effects of the camera are artistic and nerdy but it brings out something unique.


  1. Snapseed:

It has a wide range of features for its new as well as newcomers. It adds up some basic automatic color, sharpening, color adjustment, contrast enhancement before the snap of the pictures. What is unique to this app is that it scroll vertically via image enhancement option provided in the screen and then drag it horizontally to control the power of the effect.

  1. Pixlr:

It is one of the strong photo editing app for Android users. Some of the feature of these apps includes history brush, double exposure and color splash along with tweaking options. Some artistic effects can also be added to photo via this app such as text, borders and stickers to the shots.

10. Aviary:

This might be the favorite editing app that includes different tweaks and features. It does its great jobs which can be done quickly without risking the original photograph. It has different features such as removing blur and fuzziness, crop, adjust brightness and contrast, straighten and tweak color temperature and more.